Babies are too fragile to handle. They look so cute when they are asleep or make faces or gurgle or squeak but when they cry of colic pain they are the most poor thing to console. There are some advice that may not completely cure the pain but might be a relief to the suffering parents somewhere.

The best thing is that colic disappears as mysteriously as it begins. It is more severe at 4 to 6 weeks of age and gradually subsides by 3 to 4 months.

Extend your arm with palm up ,place the baby on the arm with chest down , head in your hand and his legs on either side of your elbow. Support the baby with your other hand and move around . It definitely console the baby.

Burp the baby frequently while feeding. Some babies have more abdominal gas than others.

Sometimes colic can occur if the mother is drinking cow milk. Eliminating milk from mothers diet may help the baby.

Sometimes there is a correlation between the colic and mothers diet. Some troublemakers are caffeinated drinks , chocolate, bananas, oranges , strawberry and strongly spiced food. Keeping a log would be very good idea.

Wrapping the baby snugly in a blanket has a calming effect.

The vibrating sound of vacuum cleaner or clothes dryer really soothes a colicky baby.

A hot water bottle placed on the tummy sometimes helps. Place a towel between the baby and the bag so that the baby is not burned.

Motion type things are good for colic. Swing the baby slowly.

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