A baby! A small bundle of joy for the whole family and specially the mother who has taken care of it from the beginning and bear all the trouble and pain happily. It’s a wonderful sight to see the baby’s all the movements and expressions. The baby’s first walk and it’s first tooth are worth seeing. But most of the infants are a little fussy and cranky with the first two to four teeth.

Interesting part which most of us are unaware of that an infant’s teeth starts developing months before birth. The tooth buds develop in the foetus by the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy. By the time the baby is born , all the primary teeth are already present and accounted for in the jawbone. The first tooth is visible about four to eight months after birth. Baby’s gums become swollen and tender and the little ,cute bundle of joy is the most irratable and restless person in the world. Teething has begun!

If the baby has the complete set of teeth from the very beginning the care has to be taken from the day the baby comes from the hospital. A small gauge pad wrapped around your forefinger, lightly moistened is perfect. Daily massaging makes healthier gum tissue especially at bedtime. When the first tooth comes ,start brushing it but don’t use tooth paste.

Babies put everything in their mouth and chew. Teething rings are available in different sizes and shapes. Put it in the refrigerator and keep cold , works well and feels good on the baby’s gums. But teething rings are tasteless. Give the child a piece of cold apple or papaya. Children love to nibble on these tasty teethers. Cut the piece length wise so that he can hold. A piece of dry rusk is also a tasty option.

Its a common myth that babies will run a fever when teething. Visit a doctor if there is fever.

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