It’s not very difficult. Just decide

What to feed your child. Just the normal food cooked for the family. The child is a part of the family, why make something special for him. The food should be according to the requirement of the child. Strong flavours and very spicy foods should be avoided. The food should be nutritious. It should be equally nutritious for the mother and father as well. We all love to munch wafers , chips , enjoy cold drinks or soft drinks or fruit juice , eat processed ,packaged ,ready to eats but just check that atleast the child eats three nutrient rich foods a day. It’s not sufficient but nowadays most of us don’t even consume three healthy nutrients. If the child eats all the nutrients you are the fortunate mother. The healthy food which a child as well you require are whole wheat breads , pulses , dairy and dairy products, green vegetables, yellow or orange vegetables, fresh fruits , nuts , egg or low fat non vegetarian products.

The meal is ready. Where would you and your child eat it? The whole family should eat together without television, mobile phone or any other distraction. It affects the concentration of the child and it affects your weight. The child should be seated on a proper chair or a high chair so that he can eat the food , feel the food ,play with food so that he can enjoy the food. If you can’t leave your favourite tv shows , just plate the food in the kitchen according to the requirements and do not take second helping of the tasty food. When we watch tv or films or computer we are distracted from the foodstuffs and we don’t know how much quantity we have eaten.

Now the most important point is when should you feed the child? As an infant the feeding patterns are different but as the child grows , the meal timing should be fixed according to the family routine. Three major meals , the breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks time , midmorning and evening snacks is suitable for you and the child. Do not skip breakfast as it is the most important meal. Do not give anything except water between the mealtimes. Children cannot differentiate between hunger and thirst. So providing anything else instead of water will suppress the hunger at the meal.

The 3 W’s, what ,where and when has to be followed for a healthy child and a healthy you. If we all follow this What Where When I am sure everyone will be fit and healthy.

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