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How many of you agree with me? I know most of you. When I put those extra kilos , like everyone I spent the entire search engine for the solution. I got millions of tips and thousands of people from different companies to help me through their products. They all claim to be the best. There were hundreds of advertisements on television for healthy lifestyle. I was in total dilemma, I tried some of the solution but didn’t get the results. There are certain points which are overlooked. What can we do?

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Pray – Since ages all the religions pray to God for the food. Chew your food and the ‘fast food ‘slowly. Chew the morsel and thank the persons who have made the effort to bring it to your plate. It takes around 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it’s full. If you finish your food quickly within 10 minutes, the brain doesn’t gets the message that you have finished the meal.

Eat your meals -When we sit down to eat at mealtimes, a part of the mind is busy telling us to lose weight, if we eat two chapattis or bread , unknowingly we eat one and cut down the calories, now it’s a catch. Couple of hours gone , we feel hungry, feel irritated and crave on anything which is available at the house. Eat complete meal at mealtimes to avoid those cravings later.

Avoid fat burners -One of my friend came to meet me. We went for shopping, she enjoyed the street food , back home, she drank a big cup of green tea to burn the extra fat of the greasy street food. She complaint later that she is having plenty of green tea but she is not losing. There is no such foodstuffs as ‘fat burner.’ So eating mindlessly for the whole day and then relying on apple cider vinegar or green tea or green coffee etc etc will not help to lose weight.

No cheat day -One of my patient told me to give her a very strict diet for few days and one day would be a cheat day.It’s our God gifted body not a mobile phone. we cannot put our body on the power saving mode. Imagine half of my heart is taking rest because I am consuming half of the calories and working efficiently on the weekends because of my overeating. Our real healthy body does not showcase the zero figure, colored hair or expensive facial beauty, beautiful designer tattooed body but the body which contains the healthy heart, lungs, liver and the vital organs in it. These organs need the necessary amino acids, calories ,macro nutrients , micro nutrients and vitamins so how can we rely on shakes , soups, pills and weird things for the week and two days of cheat day.

No sneaking or peeking other’s diet – I know a girl since many years. She has a good job earns well ,is a foodie, finds the normal food obsolete or out of fashion, spends on the new fitness gadgets ,likes to follow all the diet trends, hops to all dietitians hoping for something new ,she loses weight and regains. Trying all the diet regime makes weight loss difficult. Weight loss is a slow process. We have not gain the excess weight in a day or week so how can we lose the entire excess weight in a week.There will be ups and downs in the weight loss process and there will be stagnant periods at a time.Having patience and sticking on a balanced diet regime will help in losing weight gradually .

Use physical exercises as a help -Along with proper diet, physical activity helps to lose weight. It increases the basal metabolic rate so that the excess fat burns but spending lots of time in gym doesn’t helps. Overdoing gym activities harms the body and running every time on the treadmill after eating junk foods is of no use. Eating balanced diet with proper physical activity will help lose.Sometimes people do rigrous workout in a day and reward themselves with a piece of chocolate cake. This type of lifestyle affects weight loss.

Suffering from hormonal imbalance –Some medical problems, certain medications slows down the weight loss process. Fad diets or weird diet trends or supplements may be injurious to health. The main concern should be to improve the medical condition with gradual weight loss. If I am not losing weight despite of all the effort, I would go to a medical practitioner so that he can advise few medical test to confirm any hormonal imbalance.

Many enzymes, hormones are present in our body. They help in different functions in the body . We don’t know what is going inside our body. The food undergoes chemical reactions in the body. Excess protein may help you to lose weight but it might not help me. I might suffer from bloated feeling or feel uncomfortable with excess protein. Millets may help to lose weight in some and create puffiness of face in few.

There can be many reasons for not losing the excess weight, a qualified dietitian can solve the problem. Weight can be affected by age,sex,occupation, the physical activity, sleep , stress, medical issues, food related issues and many more.

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