Relatives or friends at home, opt for some health drink instead of soft drinks or cold drinks or bottled juices. They all are laced with sugar , maybe preservatives or acids , etc.

WHAT I DO? (You can give a try)

A simple task. Take an empty glass bottle with a narrow mouth (plastic bottle if glass bottle is not available). Wash and dry it in sun. Fill it to the top with crystalline sugar. Squeeze lemon juice (about 1 kgs of fresh lemon for 1 litre of glass bottle )and pour into the sugar filled bottle. Its a fun to watch the lemon juice finding it’s way through the sugar crystals . When you pour the juice in, the sugar will settle down to about two third of the height of the bottle . Put the cap tightly and keep it in the sun for two to three days. Shake it twice or thrice a day to dissolve the sugar. After three days , store it in a cool dry place. It will last for more than a year.

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Make a nice refreshing drink with adding two tablespoons of the lemon squash to a glass of chilled water or cold water. You can also add jaljeera powder or black salt or mint leaves for added flavoured drink.

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Because of the high percentage of sugar , no chemical preservative is needed. Safe for kids as well. Lower in calories than the usual soft drinks. No acids or gasses present.

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